Expert in developing functional materials using monolithic technology.

We develop, manufacture and sell columns for liquid chromatography,antibody purification kit, DNA purification kit, and other various separation medium. Contract analysis test (SEM imaging, pore analysis by mercury intrusion and nitrogen adsorption)

New!! MonoBis Protein A Column

MonoBis ProA Column is immobilized with recombinant protein A onto a silica monolith offering fast separation of antibodies.
  • Optimized silica monolith pore structure for antibody separation.
  • Fast separetion of IgG in 15 seconds.
  • Wide quantitative range( The amount of antibody can be quantified up to 120 mg )


Ex-Pure SpinType

Completes Antibody Purification in 2 minutes.

Ex-Pure 96well Piate

Enables Multi-analyte Evaluation at one time.

Ex-Pure Syringe

12-16mg Antibody can be purified.
Ex-Pure Funnel  NEW!!
Convenient for large-scale antibody purification.
*Two types, Protein A and Protein G, are available for all Ex-Pure products.



(φ3.2mm) (φ2.0mm) (φ1.0mm)
Your equipment will change to ultra-high-speed HPLC.
*Two types, ODS and SIL, are available for MonoBis.
Note : very sorry. Production of the φ1.0mm type is currently suspended.

MonoBis Guard Column

MonoBis Guard Column (3.2x10mm)

Guard Column which can be used with current measurement conditions.
*Two types, ODS and SIL, are available for MonoBis Guard Column.

Monobis Cartridge Column

MonoBis Cartridge Column

Realizes drastic cost reduction while maintaining performance such as high-speed, high-separation and ultra-low-pressure and high durability.

MonoBis Capillary Column

Monobis Capillary Column

Realizes ultra-high separation by long columns with length of 2,000mm and 4,000mm


MonoCap for Nano flow


MonoCap for Fast-flow

Renewed the concept of Particle-packed Column.

MonoCap High Resolution 750

Guarantees 80,000 theoretical plates.


MonoTip C18

Optimum for desalting and concentration of proteins and peptides.

MonoTip Trypsin

Completes Trypsin Digestion in 20 minutes.

MonoTip TIO

For purification of phosphoric acid peptide.