MonoBis Cartridge Column

MonoBis Cartridge Column

 MonoBis Cartridge Column offers drastic cost reduction with monolithic silica while keeping high
performance such as high speed, high separation, ultra-low-pressure and high durability.

 You can obtain the performance of 3μm particle packed column with the column pressure of one

 As resolution is high, ultra-high-speed separation is possible in a short period of time and with less

 A chromatographic pattern can be maintained even at a flow rate of 10 times, and ultra- high-
speed analysis can be performed.

 This is metal-free product.

 You can select column length among four lengths according to the application.

Performance comparison with the past's column

Example chromatographic pattern by the high-speed separation condition

Example chromatographic patternby the length of 4 kinds of column

 We reserve the right to alter product design and specifications for improvement without prior notice.

 Before using these products, please thoroughly read and understand instructions stated in
instruction manual.

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