MonoBis Guard Column

MOnoBis Guard Column

 MonoBis Guard Column is an integrated type high-performance and ultra-low pressure guard column
a monolithic silica technology.

 Two types, ODS and SIL, are available.

 Since the liquid permeability pressure is very low, it ca be used with any types of column, and under
any equipment conditions and analysis conditions.

   Ex.: When 60% aqueous acetonitrile with flow-through in of 1.0mL/min. ⇒ Column pressure is
                                                  1.0MPa or less

 It can be used under current measurement conditions.

 Performance of currently used column is supported for a long period of time.

   * Pressure rise due to adsorption substance may occur.

 It is very easy to exchange as it is cartridge type column

Since the same technology as the HPLC column is used for manufacturing,
following performance is provided; the number of theoretical plates:
1,000 or more, symmetry: 0.95 to 1.20.

 Please contact us concerning types of surface decoration.

 We provide customization to fit to the column you use.

Example chromatographic pattern before and after mounting of MonoBis Guard Column

Example chromatographic pattern only with the ODS type of MonoBis Guard Column

 We reserve the right to alter product design and specifications for improvement without prior notice.

 Before using these products, please thoroughly read and understand instructions stated in
instruction manual.

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