MonoFas realizes a new DNA purification technique by monolith technology!

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MonoFas DNA Purification Kit T

 A kit for the purification of DNA from the PCR product and agarese.

 With a single kit, you can not only to purify the direct DNA fragment
from the PCR reaction solution, you can also extract DNA from
standard and low melting point agarose gel using TAE or TBE buffer.

 For purification operation, both the centrifugal method and the suction
method are available.

 Empty centrifuge is not required for cleaning, and it can purify DNA
from the PCR product in 4 minutes and from Gelslith in 9 minutes.

 As the monolith is used, DNA will not be damaged by strong centrifugal

 Elution in 10μL is possible, and the recovery rate is 90%.

T he high holding force against the nucleic acid of monolithic silica
offers improvement of the degree of purification and recovery rate.

 In addition, range of DNA fragment possible for purification is wide over
35bp to 35kb.

MonoFas Plasmd Extracation Kit V

 This kit is for a quick and simple extraction and purification of
high purity plasmid DNA from the culture of Escherichia coli.

 The adsorption of DNA to the monolith silica and a centrifugal
method enables easy recovery.

The purified plasmid DNA can be used for such process as restricted
enzyme treatment, ligation, sequence, and PCR amplification.

 The plasmid DNA can be extracted and purified in a short period of
time of 8 minutes per sample.

 Since the high purity of plasmid DNA can be extracted, ethanol
precipitation and chloroform extraction after extraction is not required.

As monolithic silica has a large surface area, BAC clone can also
be purified.

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