MonoTip is a new type of pre-processing chip which embedded monolith filter having a uniform
continuous hole in the pipette tip.

 It recovers protein even after desalting.

 It effectively concentrates the sample with a high purification rate

 It offers large load pressure and good reproducibility with simple operation.

 Please contact us when you require us to make a prototype of non-standard (pore size, diameter,
thickness, tip shape).

MonoTip C18

 Octadecyl group-bonded type optimal to desalting and
concentration of the peptide

 Corresponding to the mass sample

 The capacity of a tip : 200μL

 Sample concentration: pmoL - inmoL

 Adapted to the peptide-protein sample molecular weight of
up to 40,000.

MonoTip Trypsin

 MonoTip Trypsin is a pre-processing chip which immobilized
protein digestive enzyme trypsin on monolithic silica having
a uniform continuous hole.

 Trypsin digestion is completed in 20 minutes by pipetting operation,

 Enzymatic activity is high and it will last long.

 Autolysate does not occur. .

MonoTip TiO

 Titanium dioxide, which selectively collects the phosphorylated peptide,
is coated on the monolithic silica, a porous silica continuum.

 The purification of the phosphorylated peptide can be performed only
by pipetting.

 Improvement of detection sensitivity and shortening of analysis time
can be expected as only the phosphorylated peptide is collected.

 It features quick processing and large load pressure.

 We reserve the right to alter product design and specifications for improvement without prior notice.

 Before using these products, please thoroughly read and understand instructions stated in
instruction manual.

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