By using monolithic silica, which has integral structure, as a capillary column, MonoCap realizes
excellent separation ability and high durability.

 As a filter is not required at both ends of the column, the effect of diffusion is minimized thus offers
high sensitivity in capillary LC.

 Since the silica gel has an integral structure, this is excellent in mechanical durability, and very
easy to handle compared with generally used particle-filled column.

 Please contact us when you require us to make a prototype of non-standard (diameter, length,
surface decoration).

MonoCap for Nano-flow/Fast-flow

 This hybrid monolithic silica column for capillary HPLC has double pore structure.

 Throughpores are equivalent to inter-particle voids for filled type column, and mesopores are
equivalent to filter pores.

 Unlike conventional-filled type of capillary column, the porosity of the entire column has accounted
for more than 85%. Therefore, you can use it in the analysis of the high flow rate.

MonoCap for Nano-flow MonoCap for Fast-flow
96Well Plate-typeHybrid Silica gel
high-pressure &high efficienncy low-pressure &high efficienncy
2μm 1μm
ODS endcap
under 20MPa

MonoCap for High Resoltion 750

A HPLC column of length 750mm is realized taking advantage of low
pressure, which is the greatest feature of the monolith column.

Since the 60,000 theoretical plates are guaranteed, this is optimal to
metabolomics research and natural product analysis where analysis
at high resolution is required.


 Mono Spray realizes high sensitivity as it forms uniform monolith
inside sprayer.

 An improvement in ionization efficiency can be expected as inner
diameter of the sprayer tip is processed within 10μm thus the ion
concentration of the target component increases.

 Because a monolithic silica is formed inside sprayer, it can be used
in a very small flow rate. Therefore, you can further measured with
higher sensitivity with a tandem MS of ToF and Q-ToF types.

 As a monolithic silica is formed inside sprayer and the pressure is
loaded to the sprayer, you can maintain a stable spray condition by
the back pressure effect.

 We reserve the right to alter product design and specifications for improvement without prior notice.

 Before using these products, please thoroughly read and understand instructions stated in
instruction manual.

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