Spin Completes Antibody Purification in 2 minutes.
96Well Plate Enables Multi-analyte Evaluation at one time.
Syringe 12-16mg Antibody can be purified.

*Two types, Protein A and Protein G, are available for all Ex-Pure products.


MonoBIs(3.2mm) Your equipment will change to ultra-high-speed HPLC.

*Two types, ODS and SIL, are available for MonoBis.

MonoBis Guard column

MonoBis Guard Column
Guard Column which can be used with current measurement conditions.

*Two types, ODS and SIL, are available for MonoBis Guard Column.

MonoBis Cartridge column

MonoBis Cartridge
Realizes drastic cost reduction while maintaining performance such as
high-speed, high-separation and ultra-low-pressure and high durability.

MonoBis Cartridge column Wide Pore

MonoBis Cartridge Column Wide Pore Enables short-time Protein Analysis.

MonoBis Capillary Column

MonoBis Capillary Column Realizes ultra-high separation by long columns with length of 2,000mm
and 4,000mm


MonoCap for Nano-flow
MonoCap for Fast-flow
Renewed the concept of Particle-packed Column.
MonoCap High Resolution 750 Guarantees 80,000 theoretical plates.


MonoTip C18
Optimum for desalting and concentration of proteins and peptides.
MonoTip Trypsin Completes Trypsin Digestion in 20 minutes.
MonoTip TiO For purification of phosphoric acid peptide.


MonoFas DNA Purification Kit T
Realizes a new DNA purification with Monolith technology.
MonoFas Plasmd Extracation Kit V Enables quick Plasmid Extraction in 8 minutes.

*When you are interested in purchasing MonoFas, please contact GL Sciences Inc.

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